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Self-Guided Fishing Adventure for two. 

Are you searching for the ultimate Alaskan fishing experience for 2? Your search ends here! No matter if you're targeting Northern Pike or Rainbow Trout, we have got you covered. Our package offers what's needed to make the most of your adventure, including a 2 top-quality fishing rod, tackle, and all the necessary equipment such as jaw spreaders, pliers, and a net for easy catch retrieval. Additionally, we will provide you with one genuine Alaskan canoe and required life jackets for safe water exploration. 

You can choose a different lake location during your trip based on availability. Simply select your starting point and inform us of your plans when you arrive. We offer seven lakes to choose from.

*Our canoes hold 650lbs

**Kids are free; we will provide youth poles at no additional cost if we have any available and sitting pads for the bottom of the canoe upon request. 

***Please note that the fishing license and parking pass are not included. Fishing License can be purchased at

**** Camping Gear Not Included

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